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Message from the Author

Message from the Author:

The Duality of Time Theory, that results from the Single Monad Model, explains how multiplicity is dynamically emerging from absolute Oneness, at every instance of our normal time! This theory leads to the Ultimate Symmetry of space and its instantaneous breaking into the physical and psychical creations, with two hyperbolically orthogonal arrows of time. This will explain super-symmetry and matter-antimatter asymmetry, in addition to uniting the principles of Relativity and Quantum theories, as well as the psychical and spiritual domains; all based on the same genuinely-complex time-time geometry that provides the smooth link between the corpuscular physical particles and the absolute homogeneous (Euclidean) space, via four distinctive levels of symmetry: normal, super, hyper and ultimate, in addition to the original level of absolute Oneness. All these symmetries will be naturally incorporated in the Standard Model of Elementary Particles, after discovering the hidden granular geometry revealed by the duality of time theory. That's why the Cosmos is built exclusively on 1x2x3x4=24 fermions, plus 1+1+1+1=4 bosons, in addition to the original complex-scaler field. These four/five fundamental levels of geometry are reflected in Nature on many levels, such as the four classical elements (and their quintessence), the five regular Polyhedra (known as the Platonic Solids), the Kaaba (with its cubic shape and four cardinal posts) and the Five Daily Prayer Times and Five Pillars of Islam.

I have no doubt that this is the most significant discovery in the history of mathematics, physics and philosophy, ever!

This unique understanding of (the genuinely-complex time-time) geometry will cause a paradigm shift in our knowledge of the fundamental nature of the cosmos and its corporeal and incorporeal structures.

The Duality of Time does not contradict the established theories of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, but it exposes a deeper understanding of time that leads to the metaphysical (non-background) complex-time space, which is absolutely Euclidean, and which approximates to the non-Euclidean, Minkowskian or de Sitter / anti- de Sitter, space when we suppose the background to be continuously existing with real physical dimensions. This approximation leads to General Relativity, and the current first and second quantization, of energy and fields, but Quantum Gravity requires this third quantization, that is the true quantization of the space-time itself, and this cannot be achieved without taking into account the hidden symmetry of the new granular complex-time geometry.

When physicists start to really loose their minds, I will know they have realized the scope of the Duality of Time Theory.


Therefore, the correspondence principle is fulfilled by the Duality of Time Theory, because the semi-Riemannian geometry on the real space R is a special approximation of this complex-time geometry on the hyperbolic space H, so General Relativity is produced when we consider space and matter to be coexisting together in (and with) time, thus causing the deceptive continuity of physical existence. All the principles of Special and General Relativity can be derived mathematically from the Duality of Time postulate, in addition to exact derivation of the mass-energy equivalence relation that is not possible within the current theories without introducing some approximation or induction.

Moreover, for the first time in history, the significance of the (cosmic) "week", is revealed as the basic unit of space-time [seven days - six spatial and one temporal dimensions] from which the speed of light is "calculated" as the first fundamental constant whose normalized value is identical with the fractal dimensions of geometry that are formed dynamically at every instance of time.

The new ultimate symmetry also connects many apparently unrelated fundamental elements of nature, such as the four classical elements (fire, earth, water, air) with the four fundamental interactions that connects the elementary particles, and these latter with system of the alphabet as well as the 24 hours of the day, and even the number of teeth! All this is due to the fact that all kinds of creations are emerging from the same complex-time geometry that have fractal dimensions, thus causing all kinds of repeated self-similar patterns on many levels of existence. These similarities occur both on the physical shapes as well as all other intangible properties.

Imaginary numbers are now genuine and more "realistic" than the reals, which are one of their special cases that occur only at the speed of light. So not only physics, but pure mathematics has become relativistic, since it is now fundamentally connected with the speed of light that is nothing but the actual fractal dimensions of geometry as we mentioned above.

For the first time also, Relativity is now fundamentally based on granular space, and quantum mechanics is a natural consequence with fully logical interpretation. Non-locality is explained without breaking the speed of light limit! All the fundamental interactions are properties of the resulting quantum geometry at different dimensions, including gravity that is now described by a full quantum field theory.

Causality and the Arrow of Time Problem are now explained, and the mass-gap and Yang-Mills Conjecture, to mention only some of the fundamental consequences and solutions to the major unsolved problems in physics and cosmology.

This research took three decades to crystalize, and it may be several more decades are needed to realize the immense consequences.

In my humble opinion, the importance of this unique discovery shall very soon exceed all the previous discoveries in the human history, because it goes far beyond the long-awaited Theory-of-Everything, to include all the physical, psychical and spiritual domains into one comprehensive theory that is based on the same concept of complex-time geometry.

Enjoy reading... , all the Best !

Mohamed bin Ali Haj Yousef

The science of Time is a noble science, that reveals the secret of Eternity. Only the Elites of Sages may ever come to know this secret. It is called the First Age, or the Age of ages, from which time is emerging.
Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: Volume I, page 156. - Trns. Mohamed Haj Yousef]

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