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        Three wire machining center

        Kunshan Hehai Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd was founded in September 2009, t is a production enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales service of CNC machine tool development. The main production of three hard rail cutting machining center, three line machining center, two line a hard rail economic processing center, CNC lathe, CNC machine, TV series three line rail rapid machining center, as well as GMC series Longmen machining center and HDX engraving and milling machine.

        We have many years of special machine tool design and manufacturing experience, loyalty, trust, innovation, responsibility is the basic concept of the team, sincere service is the basis for a good partnership with the user to reduce costs, save time, is our purpose.




        Kunshan Hehai Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd

        Phone: 0512-3683 0232 / 55199761

        Fax: 0512-5782 2801

        Contact: Manager Gong

        MP:1340 5111709

        Email: gwmce82@163.com

        URL: www.mhajyousef.com

        Address: Guo Ze Lu Peng Zhen Kunshan City No. 585

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